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At Bharat Industrial Corporation, we Mr.Bharat Shah and Mr. Rajesh Shah are making incense and are exporting to all Asian and African countries and plan to export it all over the world. We hand-roll each stick in the old-fashioned Indian way, and select the fragrant resins and oils with great care. The result is a collection of intensely evocative fragrances to satisfy all the needs of the global incense market.

Incenses are more widely used than ever because of their power to enhance positive moods and arouse the imagination. As a manufacturer and marketer of incense since 1975, Bharat Industrial Corporation enjoys the advantage of being located in India, where incense-making has enjoyed the status of an art. Traditional expertise combined with modern production methodology and the availability of essential raw materials at a reasonable price makes it possible for us to offer incense of the highest quality at competitive prices.
Our online product list will help you find the line of incense that suits your needs.

Mr.Bharat Shah
3-4, Ajay Ind. Estate,
Gujarat Bottling Road,
Opp. Dena Bank,
Ahmedabad-380023 (Gujarat) India
Ph. (F) +91-79-22744630 / 22743603

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